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First thing that caught my eye on this was the amazing level of detail in the hair on her mane and tail. I really love the fact that ea...

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On this 25th day of Christmas I gaaaaave to myseelllf~:

Twelve hours procrastinating,
Eleven relatives for dinner,
Ten Guitar Hero songs failed,
Nine hours drawing,
Eight slices of ham eaten,
Seven heaping trays of food,
Six Christmas carols sung,
Four $100-bills of swag gifted,
Three beers drunk,
Two foosball games played,
Aaaand a partriiiiiidge in a Fluttershyyyyyyy~

For all the holiday goodness you're celebrating this year, I wish the best of cheer this season to the Deviants out there reading this, my family and relatives, and all the broskis and siskis!

Happy Holidays and 2014 everybody, and hope you have better luck with your resolutions than I probably will!  :headbang:


Bryan Chin
United States
My name is ENGRISHMAN, and I am a digital artist specializing in parody and comedy work. I have committed myself to drawing works of art that satirize, cross over, or otherwise rip existing or original characters a new one.

Most of all, I take an extremely high amount of pride in maintaining an extremely low amount of artistic and intellectual quality. In fact, you will be very happy to know that I have absolutely NO plans to produce any works bearing any social or intellectual merit at any point in the future. THIS IS MY PLEDGE TO YOU!

Thank you for checking out the roadblock to social progress, intelligence, and reform that is my DeviantArt gallery!


-This Douche Right Here.


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Nice work, saw some in person during BABSCon.
I love your DeviantID picture. :XD:
Thanks very much, Last of the Mohi-...Knights! :D
superkiel 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
i love ponies.
Same here.  Ponies are awesome.
Hey! :) I just finished a new image if you'd like to see, Engrishman! ^_^ I hope you'll like it as much as the last one.

*jetpacks on over*
Leonman-42 Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist…

We should do something like this if we meet.
I'm up for that!  I'll even fly in on my jetpack.  :headbang:
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